Consolidating audiobook files in itunes

Select a playlist or highlight some tracks in i Tunes and then double-click on the script to execute it.

If no specific tracks are selected the script will try to work with all tracks in the current playlist or sometimes the entire library.

M4B defines the file as specific type of audiobook in the same way . An M4B audiobook is very similar to an audio album made of . In fact they rely on the same ID3 tags to identify: Artist (Author), Album title (Book Title), ALbum Image (Book Cover), Track (Chapter), Track Length (Chapter length).

The biggest difference is that the M4B will bookmark or remember your place in a file when you stop.

Join Together will create a single AAC or Apple Lossles file from the audio of tracks dragged from i Tunes or files dragged from the Finder.Updated installer to prevent Fatal Error which would occur when clicking Next button on machines where VB Script was disabled or not installed properly.Chapter and Verse User Guide v1.4.5.0» 1.6 Mi B - 10,077 hits - April 26, 2012 The user guide is now included as part of the program installer above. Quick Time 7.3 or higher (7.6 or higher recommended) 4. Things you will need: You can download the individual mp3 files or the "Zip file of the entire book" from either the Libirvox Catalog project page or corresponding Internet Archive page.The zip file will save you quite a few mouse clicks; you will have to unzip the files after the download completes.