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No because its like dating and flirting which is haram.The prophet said men and women should be separate so Muslim women shouldn't be friends with guys or chat. They'll find someone suitable Thank you for your interest in this question.Currently, I follow many guys on Twitter and they follow me back too. I really want to get married but if I don't talk to guys then I don't think I will be able to find a good Muslim guy to marry.

Flirtlu's sex chat platform was in development for a while, and we’re proud to have officially launched it.Given the above, is it permissible to chat with men online and follow them on Twitter? If you think you need to attract a good Muslim man, than chatting with boys won't help, nor will following them on Twitter.Sister, this is probably not a proper answer to your question and I was going to comment it but I think you will find this link beneficial insh Allah. v=e X_zzg Qwj6w May Allah keep you high in health and imaan. Get closer to Allah, purify yourself , so that He will purify one for you. Many good Muslim men search for women who veil and cover themselves properly.If they’re out and single, women scan the room for potential guys. New rule: “I will assume that any woman who makes eye contact and smiles at me is open to conversation.So when a woman looks at you and smiles, she’s not just being polite. I’ll introduce myself to her.” Many guys don’t realize how easy it can be to get a girl’s number.