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These new realizations can be the impetus for more shared roles at work and at home but this new consciousness and wholeness begins with dating. Are they attracted to a woman who makes more or is more successful at their career?What if she suggests a date idea or offers a differing opinion?Women might become stronger and more career-focused at the same time that men are becoming more sensitive and less focused on their own careers.Neither person should abandon his or her traditional gender role, but instead be open to the changes that aging brings.Implications of how participants recreated gender roles on dates are discussed.Over the last half-century or so, gender roles in relationships have evolved.Participants reduced or eliminated dissonance by changing the importance of their beliefs, terminating relationships, and being more selective when it came to future romantic partners.

However, due to the changing social roles of women and decades of shifting feminist movements, women have the opportunity to challenge and recreate traditional norms.In the past, women were attracted to men who could protect and provide and men were attracted to beautiful fertile, nurturing women.Men were reportedly more focused on work and women upon relationships.Many dating experts say these things make a woman unattractive to a man. Do you feel manly when a woman is assertive in love?To consider the issue of changing the gender roles in dating, order my upcoming book: Dr.