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Once a potential employer shows interest, the user can chat with the HR of the potential employer before taking a decision.

Workolo handles the document and background verification.

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Felix Denis (the founder of Denis Publishing, the creators of Maxim magazine and PC Pro) was just this sort of rare individual.

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Last month, the great Felix Denis died at age 67, I dedicate this article to him in the best way possible: by delving into the realm of poetry myself, searching for wisdom for my entrepreneurial readers. Taking this passage and relating it to entrepreneurship, it takes hard work (and far more of it than our peers) to reach that ‘life changing’ moment. Successful entrepreneurs have tireless work-ethics, even if their outward style (think Mark Zuckerberg in his shorts and flip flops) suggests otherwise.

Not so long ago, I was in Shoreditch at a Bombay Sapphire themed pop-up bar meeting an entrepreneur and pondering business ideas over gin concoctions late into the night. The spontaneity made me chuckle but deeper than the jest of the recital- the words really resonated with me. In the modern business world, it’s about what you can do, not how you look.