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Rogers and Leykis became rivals and, in June 1984, just after Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg was assassinated, Leykis told listeners Neil Rogers' real name and urged callers to harass his on-air rival.

In 1987, Leykis abruptly left KFYI because of differences with station management that still has a shroud of secrecy surrounding the details.

In 1971, birders lunching there discovered the first black-capped gnatcatcher ever recorded north of the border, and the influx of birders searching for the gnatcatcher then found the first North American record yellow grosbeak.

Thus was born the Patagonia Picnic Table Effect: one good bird brings more birders, who find yet another good bird, which brings even more birders, etc., a scenario played out several times a year somewhere in the birding world.

In birding, as in real estate, location is everything.

In the harsh Southwestern deserts, birds are seeking the same things real-estate agents prize: reliable water, big trees and a little elevation for relief from the summer heat.

It lies in a valley, cool in summer, cold in winter, along Sonoita Creek, between the Canelo Hills and the Santa Rita Mountains.

and Trevor Bayne, Roush Fenway hasn't won a race since 2014. Some things just run their course." Roush said Biffle was one of the anchors of his entire race team.By loaning Buescher to JTG Daugherty next year, Ford Racing will be able to work on upgrades with Roush Fenway while keeping one of its young drivers under contract. "I don't have the words to say what Greg has meant to this organization," Roush said in a team release."He is a true racer who has always exhibited a will to win and an intense passion for speed.Buescher will drive for a newly-created second Chevrolet team at JTG Daughtery Racing in 2017.Roush Fenway is expected to scuttle Biffle's #16 team, and that could make that team's charter available to the highest bidder - including the new JTG Daughtery entry. I didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel, so I decided I'd rather do something else - even if it means not driving anymore.