Auto updating web page

Your Java Script code can write this new data into the page whenever it receives it.Create your HTML5 page as follows: You can put any content you like in your element, as long as it has an ID attribute so that you can identify it in your script.That method requires that you identify all JSF components and write them into your JSF pages.What if the dynamic elements cannot be identified until run time?With the amount of sites on this CMS, it was starting to become difficult to keep them all actively updated, as we would have to login to their site, upload new files, synchronize the database, and then insert any new site settings that were implemented.All of the big content management systems have auto update systems. all have this built in as a core function and now we do too.

In this tutorial we will work through the process, with the Event Source object handling received data and writing it to the page. Users are therefore reminded to use the service responsibly and are advised to abide by international laws and external websites policies. refresh this is not responsible for the content of external sites, nor is it responsible for the URL's users decide to auto refresh.Sometimes, you might need to automatically update a Web page with dynamic elements.For example, you would want a poll Web site to update the poll results as soon as its database receives new votes, or you might need a stock Web site that periodically updates real-time trading data of securities.