Aspxgridview rowvalidating event

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only, the error message is correct but if i click outside the focus is lost.

For more information about handling events, see NIB: Consuming Events.

If it works well, please try to modify it to reproduce this issue and send the project back. Regards, Mike Mike, Thanks for the sample and the video. I guess the part that I don't follow is your statement "because the default new ASPx Grid View's Data Row doesn't contain the initial values (except the case when the initial values have been initialized via the ASPx Grid View's Init New Row event handler)."Are you saying the datarow is actually a "new" data row and therefore doesn't have initial values, even though this is an update event?If I look at other columns which are not in Edit Item Templates, both e. Before I rewrite the sample, is there something about Edit ITem Templates which would prevent the values from being populated?Regards, Stephen Hello Stephen, Thanks for the additional information. New Values, you should set the Value property by using the Data Binder Class:' Auto Post Back="True" On Selected Index Changed="Prod_Selected Index Changed" Value Type="System. NET validators, graphics, or placeholders for text with the ASPx Grid View.As I am awaiting for my author copies of —I have books promised—I am poking around and plumbing the ASP.