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The arrowhead is 64.1mm long, 29.6mm wide, 7.5mm thick and weighs 11.7g.

Secondary working in the form of pressure flaking is evinced on the upper surface, which has been used to form the right hand edge, tip, and rough-out the left hand edge of the arrowhead.

Such items remained in use throughout human civilization, with new materials used as time passed.

As archaeological artifacts such objects are classed as projectile points, without specifying whether they were projected by a bow or by some other means such as throwing since the specific means of projection (the bow, the arrow shaft, the spear shaft, etc.) is found too seldom in direct association with any given point and the word "arrow" would imply a certainty about these points which simply does not exist.

Modern enthusiasts still "produce over one million brand-new spear and arrow points per year".

In the Stone Age, people used sharpened bone, flintknapped stones, flakes, and chips of rock as weapons and tools.