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Whatever it was, I guess Edyta tried to throw her weight around as the longest-tenured pro on the show (at the time) and gave the producers an ultimatum: “You give me [insert demand here] or I quit.” To which the producers replied, “K, bye then!

Take it with a biiiiig grain of salt, as I’m not 100% confident in the veracity of some of the claims made in it.The reality star filed for divorce in January, seeking spousal support and legal fees from him.At the time, the As Radar uncovered earlier this year, Yolanda sang as a sexy stewardess in a wedding present music video for her then-hubby, but after hearing Górniak’s impressive pipes, the former model might feel embarrassed about her sub-par singing!The famed music producer was spotted out with Polish pop singer Edyta Górniak this week, after they meeting Los Angeles.Though Górniak and Foster’s relationship started on a professional note, it seems to have taken a more personal turn!