American dating idol

We can only imagine how much he could pull in now, but we have a feeling it won't be near Katy's big payday! Because, what you go through to win the show is a lot different than what you go through when you're third or fourth, you know, or fifth. If they were going to have a judge that's from the show, if they're going to have someone from the show who was actually a contestant, I would feel like a winner would be the best suited." Mmhmm. The 40-year-old also said he'd be interested in a judging role but that the show should've waited a few more months before its return.

He said, “That might be the first time I’ve ever seen Lauren blush.He ignites a scream-fest every time he takes the stage, which is a very common occurrence in a day of the life of a heartthrob.Louisiana native singer-songwriter Mackenzie Bourg was Alaina’s second duet partner and Alaina let it be known that she thinks Bourg is The minute they were introduced at rehearsal she noted Bourg’s beautiful smile gave her butterflies.He said: host is reportedly very close to reaching a deal, meaning he is definitely in!While Katy Perry has been confirmed as a judge, many are wondering who will take the remaining spots.