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The biggest news, however, is that Amanda Tapping, who played “Stargate SG-1’s” Samantha Carter for 10 seasons, will join the main cast of “Atlantis” for its fourth season, which arrives in the fall.

The Creation difference extends to our 40 years experience in running fan conventions.So I want to thank you for your patience, and I hope you find the wait to be worth it! As the actor who plays my favorite character, I couldn’t help but choose Michael’s day, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the late Don Davis. I got to run through the woods in North Vancouver, firing a gun, which if I weren’t on Stargate, would have gotten me into a lot of trouble! [Amanda must have seen some people – jokingly I’m sure – taking offense} I’m kidding! (Laughing) Having said that, I’ll be directing episode six of Sanctuary this year. I’m crazy, is what it is.”The next questioner came up armed and dangerous . When SG-1 was cancelled I became afraid that the fandom’s followers would slowly peter out, and convention tours would end. ” She gave the phone back and said to us, “Russell in Calgary. ” (Counting off on her fingers) Right after 9/11 I went to the Middle East on a USO tour. So yeah, it seemed like every day was some sort of wacky adventure. (waving her hands in an exaggerated ‘calm down’ motion) Whoa! When that fails they've already gone through "your" ticket money and they collapse leaving no recourse for ticket holders.They say "buyer beware" but this has happened in Twilight, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly fandom (to name just a few) and we really feel for those great fans who have lost their ticket money and upset travel plans.