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Even more mysteriously, it appears to spin only during daylight hours, and does not turn beyond 180 degrees.Some, including Professor Cox, have suggested that vibrations caused by the footsteps of passing visitors makes the statuette turn on its glass shelf.Another large monument that he moved was seven-ton sarcophagus lid of Ramesses III, often considered to be one of the most important monuments in the Fitzwilliam collection.Its great mass and size meant that it needed the help of concrete specialists and engineers for the museum to be able to display it in an upright position, as it is today.Whether you’re learning English for the first time, want to top up your skills, or become an expert speaker, we have the right course for you.As part of our Adult courses, students now have the opportunity to practice English outside the classroom through attending free skills based practice sessions and interacting online with our teachers.

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It is normal for a museum's web page to be in the language of the country concerned, but I do note some other language pages. I have tried to select some of those which have more specific information on their Egyptian Collections, but I do also include the general web presences of major museums with relevant material.In general, I am now directing links to the home page of the museum in question, as they tend to be stable, while the Egyptian-specific links can be variable.Conservation status: Introduced Related to the shelduck, this pale brown and grey goose has distinctive dark brown eye-patches and contrasting white wing patches in flight.It was introduced as an ornamental wildfowl species and has escaped into the wild, now successfully breeding in a feral state.