Accommodating nedir

Again, this site demands if you're booking through them that you include accommodation for every single night of your stay in the region, but I've had friends who have been issued visas without doing that. As I have done this for a few times short answer is.

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A few hours honest help per day in exchange for food and accommodation and an opportunity to learn about the local lifestyle and community, with friendly hosts in varying situations and surroundings.

We also promote paid work positions for hosts looking for extra help with their business.

(considering how expensive it is to buy refundable tickets, it's still cheaper to simply write off the ticket) The point of it is to show that you've got a plan and know how much it's going to cost you etc. They already know how (train/plane) but want the details.

SO if you can show that you're headed to France for 3 weeks to check out war memorials, before crossing to Amsterdam for some fun and out through Munich for Octoberfest, and have hostel bookings and the like, it shows that you've thought about it and have some idea of what you're doing, where you're going and maybe how you're going to survive (accommodation etc).

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