A pugs guide to dating

"If you own a Pug, then this book will have you laughing out loud!

The lovely illustrations and the witty sentences have the Pug's character down to a tee!

Pickles continues to inspire a lot of Correll’s work.

He and Bella are well known to those who follow Correll online—she frequently updates her Facebook page with new drawings, and regularly posts photos of the dogs to Instagram.

This manual is an essential item for any pug aspiring to be a sophisticated, civilized citizen. When you want them to sit, they stand; when you want them to stay, they go; and when you want them to stop eating that unidentified item on the floor, well…Traditional schools of canine thought put this behavior down to a stubborn refusal to be trained that’s inherent in the bred. This behavior is, in fact, down to an ancient set of rules, passed down from pug generation to pug generation.

‘A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette’ attempts to explain these rules, thereby advancing pug-human relations to hitherto unprecedented heights.

My illustration clients include Hallmark, The New York Times, Oxford University Press, Knock Knock, Chronicle Books and The Observer. TV Shows – Project Runway, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Louis Theroux’s documentaries, anything involving models or Australian people. Books – I’ll just tell you some authors that I like, or we’ll be here forever – Bill Bryson, Jeffrey Eugenides, Torey Hayden, Margaret Atwood. Same if the image is in colour, although that makes it a bit trickier to get the balance right.

My wonderful Illustration agents are Anna Goodson Management. I just use the good ol’ fashioned eraser tool for any mistakes (although often, I’ll just leave the mistakes in the drawing) I use PITT artist pens, Uniball Eye and Uni Pin fineliners, as well and Kuretake ZIG Art & graphics Twin.

, a newly released book by cartoonist, writer and illustrator Gemma Correll, is filled with cute illustrations and clever writings that sum up “Pug Life.” It is available to purchase at Amazon and If you thought you had it tough when it comes to dating, just think about the roller-coaster ride that is a pug's love life!Filled with worldly canine wisdom, A Pug's Guide to Dating is a collection of 50 chuckle-inducing cartoons that will brighten anyone's day.With over 100 full color, candid photographs of these adorable dogs in outfits ranging from adorable to hysterical to downright absurd, this book is a pure delight for animal lovers of all stripes.Packed with 128 pages of color photographs, some of the pugs you’ll meet in this volume include: – Scarlett O’Pugra- Bob Pugley- Pugzilla- Chewpugca and Pug Vader- Evita Pugron- The Ba Hum Pug!