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[Top 12 Warrior Moms in History] The sexes haven't equalized or swapped roles.

Women still do more housework than men (18 hours a week in 2011), and men still do more paid work (37 hours a week in 2011).

When we think of dating violence, sometimes we do not think of our children, but it’s time that we start! CBC Launches Multi-Year Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking “Awards and Top Ten lists are usually a good thing, but that isn’t the case when it comes to an issue plaguing North Carolina.Half of working dads say they find balancing work and family responsibilities "very" or "somewhat" difficult, compared with 56 percent of working moms.Dads are also just as likely as moms to say they wish they could stay at home with the kids full-time.Jami, a seasoned marketing communications professional, joined UCM in March 2010 and is responsible for planning and implementation of all branding, graphic design, marketing and communications efforts for UWG.Her key responsibilities include developing and promoting a brand identity for the university and raising its profile, as seen through the launch of the Go West campaign.